KENTA signs with WWE / WWE Please Treat KENTA Right

Kenta Kobayashi best known as KENTA signed a deal with the WWE, and is coming to the WWE NXT farm system. A big independent signing for the WWE. Someone a lot of internet fans like, and I am asking WWE as someone from Asian descent, and someone who likes KENTA that the WWE please treat him right. I may not speak for the whole Asian community when I say that, but for me I would love to see the WWE treat a superstar with Asian descent the right way. I just don’t want KENTA to be treated as a joke. I want him to be treated in a proper way that will help this guy become a star for the company. I know people will disagree and say he is a star already, but we know WWE and what they do to there Japanese characters, and how bad they make them. So WWE please treat KENTA right.

KENTA vs Low Ki Match I talked about in my Video. All Credit goes to Ring of Honor for this match

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