WWE RAW 4/14/14 Review: Believe in EVOLUTION, R.I.P Ultimate Warrior

Extended Thoughts

I am an Evolution guy. No other Faction in my time growing up got me to boo them so damn hard. I loved to hate Evolution, and I am glad they are back together in the WWE. It is a brilliant sight to see for me, and the fact they are facing the Shield makes it even more win for me. I am very excited for there eventual match at Extreme Rules. It will be one I will be chanting “This is Awesome” in my living room.

Now Paige look good tonight, and they established a submission move with her. Making Paige look like a double threat with the move she has in her arsenal. The IC title Tournament was an awesome concept, though I am going to ask the question is it a good idea ultimately? I mean in all honesty the IC title lets face it is not as big as it use to be. It seems like there going to set this tournament up for Barrett too win I am guessing. Cesaro vs Swagger is its own feud and doesn’t need the IC title. Sheamus is apart of the breakfast club so you know he is not going to touch that title. RVD well is RVD does he really need the IC title?

Cena vs Wyatt was awkward promo, and it set up a good match for Extreme Rules. Kane is also going to be back with his mask so I guess that is cool. Bryan wasn’t at the show he was celebrating his honeymoon congrats Daniel Bryan

MVP of the Night: The Shield, Biggest reaction, and cause a major plot point of the show

Match of the Night: Dolph Ziggler vs Bad News Barrett

Promo of the Night: Evolution beat down on the Shield, and Triple saying: “Believe in Evolution”

Now also R.I.P to the Ultimate Warrior. I felt this RAW could have done a better job with the highlight clips. Some of the clips they showed most fans know. Show some more clips from the Warriors time in pro wrestling. Now the WWE is going to be doing a four part tribute to the Ultimate Warrior on the WWE Network, but just too me it should have been more for the Warrior. Truly larger then life character that transcends past in year, any decade, and any era. Too me I love the Ultimate Warrior favorite old school wrestler ever. May he Rest in Peace, and you better believe I am going to absorb the spirit of the Ultimate Warrior. Remember guys keep on Chillin

Overall Grade: B

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