WWE NXT 4/10/14 Review: Occupy NXT?

Extended Thoughts

You know what I love is fresh things in pro wrestling. That is what NXT brings to the table almost every Thursday night. If you’re a wrestling fan, and you got 50 minutes to spare on a Thursday night. I advise you to go watch NXT it is actually a very good product. One that I endorse, and one that I hope keeps growing. Definitely one of the many reasons that makes the WWE Netwok all worth the $9.99 plus taxes actually worth it.

This was a solid episode none the less. They built up Neville/Clay, and Graves/Zhyn very well here tonight. As well we got an awesome promo from Bo Dallas. In all honesty Bo Dallas was the man tonight so he wins the the Chillin with Chase MVP for tonight. I know Bo Dallas well never read this, but let me tell you Bo if I was there at Full Sail University, I would have gone to the middle of that ring, and occupy NXT with you. Only gripe about the show is maybe the women match, but that is all I can say. Another stellar episode of NXT. Adam Rose was a highlight of the night for sure, and I am interested to see his character evolve whether it be on NXT, or one of the main brands.

Match of the Night: Bo Dallas vs Justin Gabriel

Promo of the Night: Bo Dallas

MVP of the Night: Bo Dallas.

Overall Grade: B-

This edition did a good job and set up next week well with the return of Oliver Grey, taking on Hunico’s (Sin Cara) former manager Camacho one on one next week. As well with Great Khali visiting NXT for the first time to take on CJ Parker. So next weeks show looks good. Anyways don’t forget to follow the website and subscribe to my youtube channel, check me out all over social media, and remember folks. Keep on Chillin’

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