WWE RAW 3/24/14 Review: Hilariously Bad Show


Extended Thoughts

Water flows, Monday Night Raw tonight didn’t. The structure of this show was just plain out terrible. I honestly don’t know what the company was thinking. They probably didn’t even booked this show fully in advance and just winged it tonight hoping for a good show. This show definitely lacked shocking promos. I mean promos are good in wrestling, but none of these promos stand out to you. I am not asking for epic promos I will remember forever, but promos that can deliver and make you not feel bored watching them.

Honestly I hope the go home show delivers. At least the saving grace of this all is that Wrestlemania is $10 plus other taxes thanks to the WWE Network. I couldn’t picture ordering a show that is worth over $60 plus other taxes for a show so damn dis-interesting. Anyways guys I got a lot of videos coming out this week. Got to do all the Road to Wrestlemanias I haven’t done. Here is a preview of whats to come.

Tuesday:  Is Randy Orton the Worst Champion Walking into Wrestlemania?
Wednesday:  Who Should win the Andre the Giant Battle Royal
Thursday: RTWM Series: Top 5 Favorite Wrestlemanias
Friday: RTWM Series: Top 5 Least Favorite Wrestlemanias
Saturday: Top 30 Favorite Wrestlemania Matches

That is all hope you guys enjoy and remember keep on Chillin’.


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