WWE RAW 3/17/14 Review: Its all about the Game

Extended Thoughts

You know forgot to talk about the Shield in this video. Why don’t know maybe I just didn’t find there face turn to be too enticing to talk about considering the fact they should be building a split up, but none the less maybe this will set up interesting between them and Kane. The commercial for the Smackdown kind of spoiled this segment as we knew this could be the case, but I just want to more of this angle. Apologies for not covering it in the video.

Triple H was a star tonight, finally we get the ruthless Triple H that I loved as a young child growing up. I am 21 years old, so for me growing up the monster heel that I hated was Triple H, but he was always one of my favorites just because he was so dominate. It is all about the game tonight on RAW, and praise thee Triple H who made this Raw so damn good near the end.

Bryan/Orton/Batista did well here tonight. Cena and Wyatt killed it but this Wrestlemania Card is looking a little thin, and there needs to be more added to it in my opinion. Just short thoughts for tonight. Expect a lot of videos from me this week. Remember guys keep on Chillin’.


One comment

  1. I know exactly how you felt during the main event segment. It was spectacular-ugh, seeing HHH-ugh, awakening his old, egotistical self. Seeing him and Stephanie pummeling D-Bry was like a resurrection of the Mcmahon-Helmsley regime and it was glorious-UGH!

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