Wrestlemania 30- John Cena vs Bray Wyatt: Wyatt Must win this Match


Extended Thoughts

Bray Wyatt needs to win here at Wrestlemania. Now let me be full front and honest with you guys when I heard the dirt sheet “rumors” of John Cena possibly main eventing Wrestlemania with Bray Wyatt, I just laugh. I mean come on now I felt Cena was going to find a way into the title match, or face the Undertaker. When the Wyatt’s attacked Cena at the Royal Rumble this year I knew they were planting the seeds for the collision at Wrestlemania this year, and for some reason my mood changed a bit. I felt like this is THE PERFECT match for John Cena at Wrestlemania this year. Sure the Cena vs the Undertaker match has more interest and intrigue, because Cena is superman and has a chance at ending the streak. Though let me say this when you got a young heel, young bright heel in the WWE like Bray Wyatt you need to take advantage of it.

You can’t just look at this guy and see him as just another guy for Cena to triumph over. Now let me say this I am a John Cena fan, some might not understand why but I do like Cena. Cena is a not a great wrestler he is a decent one, and a good talker at best. Cena though is a big name, and people know who John Cena is. Daniel Bryan may be the hot star now, Batista might be starring in a big comic book movie, and Randy Orton is the WWE Heavyweight Champion, but when it comes down to it common casual people know who John Cena is. John Cena is a common guy most people know about and he is someone that does cause some interest.

Now I am not saying Cena draws like past stars like Stone Cold did, or The Rock, or Hogan, or Andre, etc. What I am saying is he gets people to watch what he is doing. Cena is a good public face, and the thing is you need Cena to lose to Bray Wyatt. Wyatt needs to win this match because when was the last time we had a major heel that looked uber dominate, and just seemed like a real threat to babyfaces, and that people took seriously.

images (3)

Of course it is God-Ugh, that was the last heel to do so. Now some may argue CM Punk during his 434 days, but lets face it Punk wasn’t even a heel what so ever, and that is a fact. Heel Punk is Straight Edge Society Punk, not Punk with Heyman. Chris Jericho, and Edge as well, but both guys were more of how they won in cheap ways, and how they were sly and sneaky in wins. Not winning because they were super strong. Wyatt has the ability to be that heel that was he been missing in wrestling. Not the same chicken crap heel that gets DQ’ed, or wins in the most lame ways but he can actually beat the faces one..two..three in the middle of the ring. If they have Cena win here it will be hard for Wyatt to recover from it. A win at Wrestlemania especially against the number one guy and fourteen time champion John Felix Anthony Cena… Remember guys keep on Chillin’


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