WWE RAW 3/3/14 Review: Hijack Fails, Heyman Hustles, Triple H Shovels

Extended Thoughts
Here are some more thoughts about this edition on RAW. Really forgot about Aaron Paul coming out to help Ziggler when filming my video. It just dawned on me when talking about the main event. Paul wasn’t a big factor in my opinion. He showed a lot of charisma that is for sure, which is nice for guest hosts to do when coming on a wrestling show.

When it came down to this whole Hijack Raw business the WWE won the battle. People were watching to see what the fans would do. Hell it started a debate among many wrestling fans. Though WWE won, Chicago you were loud and proud tonight that is for sure, but as for hijacking the show you didn’t do a great job in doing so. The WWE won the battle tonight that is for damn sure.

CM Punk being spun in this was damn interesting too since he might come back to the company. Maybe it is just a rumor, maybe it isn’t only time will tell what will happen with Punk.

I still stand by about the WWE ruining a great tag team moment at Wrestlemania. It would have been huge if the tag titles were won at Wrestlemania 30 instead of here on RAW. Just a miss opportunity by the WWE, and I am glad they are not rushing for the Cesaro face turn. Also is Big E joining Randy Orton as a ghost champion. Seriously Randy Orton didn’t make it into the show until the very end.

Highlights for me were Paul Heyman, Seth Rollins, and the Triple H-UGH/Daniel Bryan segment. Rollins looked great here tonight leaving his Shield brothers high and dry, felt he nailed the facial expressions as well. In all honesty I am glad that the Shield break up is going to be some big deal over Reigns and Ambrose. That Rollins could be the potential big reason why the Shield breaks up, and I am loving it.

Triple H-UGH did what Triple H does best. Go into the ring with a long winded promo.  Though Triple H works well off of another superstar, and Bryan looked great here tonight. Bryan vs Triple H seems exciting and can’t wait to see the results down the line.

Heyman hustled the crowd well tonight, and honestly he killed it in the promo. I explained more of it in my review video. Anyways I am tired expect a new video on my channel Wednesday if you haven’t seen my other videos on Batista/CM Punk check it out. Remember guys keep on Chillin’.



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