CM Punk Returning to the WWE? What should be his Wrestlemania 30 Match?

Extended Thoughts

I am so excited for a possible Batista and CM Punk promo you don’t even understand. The prospect of these two just shooting at each other will be hilarious. Orton will be the ghost that he has been these recent months. Notice that Randy Orton dosen’t feel like he is the champion. I guarantee you he can carry those two belts for two years, and people will not even notice it. Though honestly if Punk comes back I feel like he should be in the WWE Championship match.

Not because I am like the usual indy mark who feels Punk is GOD. No there is only one GOD in the WWE, and that’s Triple H-Ughhh. It would add more interest to the WWE Heavyweight title match that no one has interest for. I really don’t blame Orton or Batista for the lack of interest it is the WWE for not doing there job in making this match interesting. They really wasted there opportunity of the two evolution guys battling it out a long time ago, and that is the truth.

CM Punk though if he faces Triple H will be a dumb idea, and would just be away for Triple H to show why he is the man. CM Punk vs Kane is dull, and this is why Punk going for the title although wouldn’t make sense, it would be the only job WWE could do to make sure fans just don’t hijack the match. I mean this is the WWE Heavyweight title match, and how sad it would be if the fans just were at Wrestlemania 3 chanting for Macho Man during Hogan vs Andre. That would be so sad, so the WWE is going to make sure the fans have something to be interested in so it dosen’t go to all hell.

Just remember though Batista or Orton will walk out with the belt, that is fact. Punk is getting what he always wanted in life and that his main event Wrestlemania match (I still believe Cena vs Wyatt is main eventing). Batista makes sense because his character now is to destroy all the smaller wrestlers, so his character will have some great development when WWE throws fans the bone of Bryan winning the belt. Hell if anything they can go ala Wrestlemania 24 and have Orton walk out with both belts, and continue being the ghost champion that he is in the company. Anyways guys that’s all I got to say hope you enjoyed the video and this blog. Remember keep on Chillin’



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