Why Batista is Going for the WWE Heavyweight Championship

Extended Thoughts

You know if I find it funny that Batista can return, and people act like it is such a crime that he is getting a championship match right off the bat. So many other superstars in the past have returned and got World Title matches and some fans didn’t complain all to much, and became the ultimate villain like Batista has become. I mean Chris Jericho has returned twice, and got world title matches. John Cena twice, Triple H, and the list can go on and on. When it comes down to it WWE made the right business move in giving the “Animal” Batista a world title match at Wrestlemania, deny it all you want, but Batista is a guy who headlined multiple PPVs for the WWE. Batista was the guy at one point for the company so why shouldn’t the WWE give a guy who was a big star another shot at the title. I like promoting other guys on here too, especially guys who make videos that relate to my topic, and put out great points, and add on to whatever I feel or thinking so here is my buddy Schlegdaddy adding onto on this situation. Remember guys keep on Chillin’


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