WWE RAW 2/24/14 Review: Undertaker vs Brock Lesnar/John Cena Injured?

Extended Thoughts

Well we know Wrestlemania is upon us when WWE sends us all these guys returning and actually start to care about the matches being booked for the show. The confirmed matches at Wrestlemania are

WWE Heavyweight Championship: Randy Orton (c) vs Batista

Undertaker vs Brock Lesnar

At a glance we will also get

John Cena vs Bray Wyatt

Triple H vs Daniel Bryan

WWE Tag Team Championship Match: New Age Outlaws (c) vs The Usos

Christian vs Sheamus

Cesaro vs Jack Swagger

Well that is what I feel like the card looks like at a glance. Like I said in my review WWE did a good job, no matter how badly executed in building up the card, and it seems like there is more excitement in the air for Wrestlemania season. The one gripe I see on twitter is Randy Orton vs Batista. People assume that this is the main event of Wrestlemania. Don’t know why when the Royal Rumble winner (in this case Batista) has ever since 2006 not always been booked in the main event. If my memory re-calls John Cena last year was the last Royal Rumble winner since Batista in 2005 to truly get the last match on the card. Plus Cena was facing The Rock out of all people, so of course that is going to main event over anything else on the card.

I don’t think Orton vs Batista is going to be the main event, just like I don’t think John Cena is seriously injured. Even if Cena is injured he will find a way to bounce back in no time to headline Wrestlemania with Bray Wyatt. As well in the video I talked my distaste for Undertaker vs Brock Lesnar. I know those who just found out about me may find me weird for not being interested in the match, but just know it is my opinion. I respect those who don’t care about Batista vs Orton for the title, so respect me on not caring too much about Undertaker vs Brock Lesnar. More on Undertaker and Batista later in the week when I will make a video giving reasons why I am not excited for the match as a whole.

Though besides Cena vs Wyatt, the one thing I am looking forward too is Triple H vs IWC Superman Daniel Bryan. This match has my interest the most just because this is actually a storyline that has been building for months. Whether it was by complete accident or not (Thanks Punk) I still feel this is the match for Daniel Bryan to finally have a Wrestlemania moment. For all those who are upset Bryan is not getting the title let me say this. The time will come when Bryan will be champion. Trust me on this one they will throw the internet fans the bone, but I always will view Daniel Bryan as a better chaser for the belt, then a guy holding the belt.

Daniel Bryan is not someone who I feel should have a super long title reign like former IWC darling CM Punk. I feel his character, and the chants will get stale if he holds the big belt for too long, Bryan is hot because he is not champion. If he does become champion and holds the belt for too long the luster of Daniel Bryan will wear out. I mean look at CM Punk, it was nice to see him champion for 434 some odd days, but by day 200 people lost interest. Long title reigns don’t work in wrestling anymore that is a fact. People always want something new to come and jump out at them, wrestling is a work so they expect crazy stuff to happen at any given moment. That is what makes wrestling appealing to people, and what made people my age (I’m 21 mind you) love WWF back in the day.

Well this is my extended thoughts of Monday Night Raw hope you enjoyed the read, will be posting more of these in the near future to give people more thoughts of Wrestling, and those something different. Sorry for no podcast just nothing really to talk about now a days I will try and get one up but it might be more football/MMA focus since Basketball is not interesting until playoffs. That is it for me and remember guys keep on Chillin’.


One comment

  1. The live crowds have been annoying me more frequently, especially during a “We don’t care heat” chants starts. Wyatt vs Reigns was not a classic (Still an enjoyable brawler match) but they did not deserve the “We don’t care heat” chants. I was hoping I’d be proven wrong when I said the IWC only cares about skinny indy guys/spot monkeys but I was right. Maybe Green Bay wrestling fans are just morons.

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